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a thin line between
love and hate

Stiles in “The girl who knew too much

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Hale Family Feels doesn’t even BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT

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Sterek Meme: Dictatorship AU

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A dictator has taken over the US and has outlawed a lot of things.  There are restrictions on everything and if anyone steps out of line they face severe imprisonment or even death.

Derek Hale lost his entire family when it was reported that they had gone against the law of the country and after so many years being alone and keeping his head down, he meets a young boy who asks too many questions and follows Derek almost everywhere.  Derek complains but he won’t admit that he likes the company.

When he tells the boy that he’s going to escape because he’s finally had enough and can’t take it anymore, Stiles insists on tagging along and there’s nothing Derek can do to stop him.

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I had no family, so I made my own, and lost them too.

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